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Buzz Manager

Buzz Manager, a research tool that searches podcasts, You Tube, message boards, blogs, and similar sources, gathers specific information on the topic used as a parameter, anything from a company, to a celebrity, to a commercial campaign.

The content of the information and its impact are analyzed and a Buzz Rating (on a scale of 1-10) is established on any given day the search is performed.  It's much like knowing what word of mouth is circulating during a given time period. Increasingly, consumers are relying on the experiences, feelings, and opinions of peers via the internet versus what a company may tell them about their product in ads and commercials.  This trend has, and will continue to change the way companies market their products to consumers. Buzz Manager is also being utlized as a tool to  identify strengths and weaknesses of companies, public perception of celebrities, and brands.

For instance, if the search parameters were about a commercial campaign the information yielded will better able the advertiser to determine the campaign's effectiveness and whether or not the intended result was achieved.  The uses and benefits are unlimited. 

How would you or your company use Buzz Manager?  WIth discernment of your company's objectives, we can show you how.